What is a Triathlon?

A triathlon is a multisport competition that consists of swimming, biking, and then running.  

So you guys do nothing but IronMan races, right?

No! Although the IronMan series races do get the most press and make for some impressive news pieces, the majority of triathlons in the country are much shorter distances. For conference races, we typically have one sprint race (.25 mile swim, 10-14 mile bike, 5k run) followed by two Olympic distance races (1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k bike). USAT Collegiate Nationals in the spring is an olympic distance race.

How many times do you practice per week?

As a team, the TriCanes offer 8 organized practices per week.  As a dues paying member you will be asked to attend at least two each week in order to get partially reimbursed for races as well as other team benefits.  In addition to the offered practices, we encourage members to coordinate with each other for additional workouts.

I (pick one/more) [have never done a triathlon before/am too out of shape/too slow/too old/ too inexperienced/don’t have a bike]. Can I still join?

Yes! We welcome all new members of all levels and backgrounds as long as they meet the following requirements:

1) UM undergrad/grad student, faculty member or UM alumnus                                               2) Are willing to try new things

We have club bikes that we loan out to members that don’t have one (although we do expect members to get their own bike eventually… we don’t have THAT many bikes!).

How much are yearly dues?

$35/semester for students                                                                                                                 $45/semester for faculty/alumni

You can either pay each semester individually or for two semesters at once.

Where do you swim?

We use the University Center Pool (the big outdoor pool in the middle of campus) for team practices. We have lanes reserved every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. We also do some open-water training on Key Biscayne.

Where do you ride?

We meet at the Bank United Center (BUC) on campus and head out from there. We NEVER have a route down US-1 and we ALWAYS require helmets on all rides. Safety first! We usually ride out to Key Biscayne, but also ride south quite often and sometimes out to Miami Beach. If you are new, please join us on some rides and get to know the routes.

Where do you run?

Fortunately, Coral Gables offer a variety of running paths and groups to jump in with.  The campus loop is a perfect way to work on the 5K (3.1m) distance, as well as weekly track workouts for that extra bit of speed. Sometimes we will even drive out to Key Biscayne to run Rickenbacker Bridge and along the water. We suggest running with a partner for safety and motivation.  There are typically many TriCanes looking for a workout so posting on social media is a great way to find people to run with.  The running store Footworks located right down the street from campus also offers weekly runs and training plans.

Do you have a coach?

Yes! Ken Groce, former UM swim coach, graciously volunteers his time to help us out. He’s really involved in the South Florida triathlon scene and is very knowledgable on the sport. Are you a new/inexperienced swimmer? He takes a “technique first” approach to coaching and will get you flying through the water in no time! We are certainly lucky to have him!

What’s FCTC?

FCTC stands for Florida Collegiate Triathlon Conference, which is the conference we compete in against other schools in the state. The FCTC was founded in 2007 by Kevin Collington and Mark Stoutenberg.  The first collegiate race season (2007-2008) included two races. This year we have seven races on the schedule and eleven active teams and are part of one of the most competitive conferences in the country!

I’m a 23-time state champion high school swimmer/cross country runner/super jock, will this club be competitive enough for me?

We have qualified and competed at Nationals the past 6 years and look forward to a 7th this year in Tempe, AZ. In addition, we are ranked 5th in the nation for the Austin 70.3 Collegiate Championship.  We may be new on the triathlon scene, but we’re making an impression FAST! We would love to have you on our team and help us build upon our winning tradition and earn us a title as one of the most prominent teams in the country.

Do you have tryouts?

Nope. Come on out to some practices! We welcome everyone!

Are you a varsity sport? Do you have scholarships?

We’re a club sport and are run through the Wellness Center, not the Athletic Dept. Triathlon isn’t an NCAA sport yet, although some schools do receive athletic funding. Unfortunately we are not among the two, so no, we don’t have scholarships… Sorry.

I’m still in high school. Where can I find more info about UM?

Click on the University of Miami logo at the bottom of this page. It’ll take you to the UM homepage which has great info. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us – we’d love to see you on campus, at a race, or even at one of our practices – just let us know when you’re planning your visit so we can be sure to meet you!

How do I donate to the club?

Donations are MORE than welcome and are also tax deductible – contact us at umtricanes@gmail.com for more information. Thanks in advance!

Donations can be made in two ways. Either ONLINE or by check.

If you have more questions and didn’t find the answer here or if you still want more info, please feel free to send us an email or contact us on Facebook.


3 responses

5 03 2011
Gary J. Ross

I’m thinking about doing the Miami Ironman 70.3 on October 30, and since I’m a University of Miami alum (BBA ’94), I thought it’d be cool to wear a UM triathlon top during the race. I see some UM cycling jerseys on the internet, but do not see any tri tops. Do you all know where I might could find one?


6 03 2011
University of Miami TriCanes

Sure do! Mack Cycle always carries our teams jersey from the previous year. You can go to our sponsors page and click on the Mack Cycle logo to get to their site. You can either stop by in-store or order it from their site. If you go the online route, its listed under “Mack Cycle Apparel”.

24 09 2011

Do you have to be a UM alum / student to purchase the tri top and shorts? I have season tickets for football and baseball and like the design.


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